Volodymyr Sapsai


The following is a list of projects I’ve worked on. More projects can be found at Bitbucket or GitHub but they are mostly small experiments with no use for others.

Developer Tools

One of my interests is developer tools. Here are some of the tools in active development and/or in usable state.

A tool for use with clang to analyze #includes in C and C++ source files. The main goal of include-what-you-use is to remove superfluous #includes. It does this both by figuring out what #includes are not actually needed for this file (for both .cc and .h files), and replacing #includes with forward-declares when possible.
Lightweight tool to create compilation database compile_commands.json from Xcode projects.
MiniProfiler for Java
Java version of MiniProfiler. In early stages of development.
Chrome plugin to help with debugging z-index issues. Not usable yet. Idea seems to be promising but requires more work.


Different projects without a common theme.

Compare distances by using one known place as a reference point.
Collection of various visualizations using D3.js.
Ukraine map data
Ukraine map data suitable for D3.js visualizations.
Matrix screen saver
Screen saver for Mac OS X showing green text running on black background like in The Matrix. Tested on Mac OS X 10.9.x, don’t know if works on macOS.
All work and no play
My impression of The Shining scene.

Prove of Concept

Following projects were created as a prove of concept. They kinda work but require much more work to make them usable. Due to lack of time and interest I abandoned them in current unfinished state.

Rhythm Detection
App to detect salsa rhythm.
Tool to visualize macOS spindump stack trace as a flame graph.
Tool to visualize linker dependencies.
Browser-based GUI for competitive grammar writing. PCFG stands for probabilistic context-free grammar.


Remaining projects were created as excercises to learn different subjects. These projects can be public without giving away solutions to other students.

Project for Nathan's University PL101 class.
Calendar widget with animations like in Windows 7.